Know about sensory development in kids, five senses in babies, baby's senses and their uses.

Sensory Development in Kids

A child is born with five senses and right from birth, he/she can explore each of them. Right from the time when he comes out of his mother's womb, he recognizes the smell of his mother and could sense his touch. A new born kid takes time to explore the other things around him. After coming out of his mother's womb, everything seems new and different to him. However, with time he gradually starts getting familiar with these things. He explores this new world with his available sense and in this process gradually develops his own sensory.

Understanding Sensory in a newbie
At the time of birth, a kid can explore all the five senses- tasting, hearing, seeing, touching and smelling, though these senses are not fully developed. Just after birth he could see whatever is within eight to ten inches from their eyes. He is also used to some familiar sounds in his womb which he can recognize just after birth. A newbie also gets soothed by hearing lullabies and white sounds. He recognizes few smells and strives hard to recognize other. Though he can't express with words, he tries hard to convey his emotions by movement and cries.

Gradual Sensory Development in a kid

Sights and sound
Right from the time of birth, a kid has good understanding and recognization of sound. With time he starts interpreting words and understands the meanings. It is very easy for a kid to understand the tone of speech. The sight also develops with time; just after birth he can see things in a range of eight to ten inches from their eyes. He also easily recognizes black, white and red colors. With time his range of vision and understanding of color also develops.

Touch and Texture
Small babies love to be touched. They love massage and sleeping in lap just because personal touches make him/her feel secure. In order to explore every thing around, they put it inside mouth to touch it through their most sensitive organ- their tongue. A sense of good touch and bad touch also starts developing in a kid after sometime.

It is first of all through smell that a kid recognizes his mother. With time he starts recognizing the smell of other family members. He also quickly recognizes the smell of the food or fruit, he loves to eat. With time, he develops an understanding of all the smell around.

How to aid Sensory development in a kid?
Though sensory development is natural process in kids, you can certainly make the entire procedure fast by helping him in coming out of the complex hurdles in the way. But before that you yourself need to understand few things. Here is the list.
Sense of Hearing in a Baby
Well, if you thought that a newborn baby cannot hear, thing again!! The sense of hearing in an infant develops much before the birth of the baby. When in the womb, the baby hears his mother's heartbeats, the grumbling of her stomach and the sudden loud noises like a car blaring or a drum banging.

Sight & Vision in Infants
Babies are curious about everything around them, right from their very birth. They love to look at bright colors in the crib and their mom's smiling face again and again. Amongst the first few things that babies learn to recognize is their mother's face, as she feeds and nurses them.

Sense of Smell in Infants
Smell is the most advanced, out of the five senses, present in babies at the time of birth. Unlike eyesight, hearing or touch that requires some time, the sense of smell is developed, right at the time when infants are in the womb. Surprised!! Studies have shown that right from the time when babies are in the womb, they smell the amniotic fluid, which is apparently rich with smells.

Sense of Taste in a Baby
Babies explore at most things by putting them inside their mouths. While they naturally prefer breast milk or formulas that are sweet in taste, they try to put any and every thing in their mouth to feel it and get a sense of taste of it. It can become an important safety net in babies, as they spit out anything that does not taste good almost immediately.

Sense of Touch in Babies
The sense of touch is well-developed considerably, in infants. They respond to touch in similar ways as adults do. In fact, it is inherent in a newborn to make out that, he/she has been touched by his/her mother. Touch is a vital sense, which affects the bond between the parent and the infant.