Relations between natural and adoptive siblings can be fragile. Know how to handle siblings by birth or adoption and adopted and biological children.

Natural and Adoptive Siblings

The term 'siblings' refer to brothers and sisters. Parents, who have their biological child and want to adopt a second child, need to first prepare their own child for adoption much in advance. It is very important to prepare the older child for the arrival of a new child, in order to fight feelings of jealousy, sibling rivalry and loneliness. Sibling rivalry is a part of growing up. It means the competitive feelings and actions that often occur among children in a family. However, parents need not be stressed out to curtail the emotion as there are ways by which you can reduce sibling rivalry.

One of the key to avert sibling rivalry is that parents need to include their child in decision-making process for adoption. Many a times there are typical and intense sibling quarrels that may sometimes turn into revolting natural vs. adoptive children competition. While natural children claim to have more favors from you or expect closer bonds (because of their genetic ties), adoptive children look up to you and watch closely for your reactions. The latter might also feel scared, if you scold them. Rivalry between siblings is an extremely difficult situation for the parents to handle. However, we have provided below tips to reduce conflict between natural & adoptive children, just for you.

Tips To Reduce Conflict Between Natural & Adoptive Children