Know about handling crib climbers, safety tips for toddlers who climb and bed for crib climbing toddlers.

Handling Crib Climbers

Is your toddler always on the look out of escaping from the crib? Around 18 to 24 months of age, most toddlers develop enough physical skills to enable them to climb. While some use their stuffed animals or pillows to climb out their climbers, there are others who would climb out of the crib, without the help of the toys. Infants around this time are so keen on exploring things that they become fearless. Even heights do not matter much to them. They even overlook the risk and the danger involved in climbing out of the crib. Infants, at this age, are constantly in search of opportunities, when their parents are no around.

As parents, you need to figure out the climbing age of the child. You need to be careful, when children have learnt how to climb and reach new heights, as the ability to judge danger is still not developed in them. Children, who can control their upper body and its movements, such as bending over to pick up something and can jump on both feet, may also try to escape the confinements of the crib. The result can be too painful both for your kid and you. Fast developing motor skills makes your kid a little adventurer. Once a kid learns to walk and bend on his own, he/she would engage himself/.herself in activities which can be very hard to control.

Just when your toddler becomes a crib climber, it is better to switch from crib to toddler's bed or a mattress on the floor for safety purposes. Even if the children do not try to climb out of the crib, it is advisable to move them to toddler bed or mattress on ground when they are as tall as 35 inches or about two years of age. Also, you need to keep a constant check on the child. Kids are susceptible to getting hurt and harming themselves mostly at this time. They would put their fingers into an electric board or pick up dirty things and put them in mouth or fall into a large container, while exploring it.

Safety Tips