Here are tips on selecting crèche for children, choosing creche for child and how to choose creche for baby.

Selecting Crèche For Children

All working moms have struggled with the dilemma of having to leave the child behind and go to work. While family support is of course the best option where you know that you can hire the maid and your child will be looked after well at the home. However, with the nuclear family system of today, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a family member who can stay at home for the child. Thus, crèche is the only option that the working parents are often left with to look after their child. Here are a few guidelines that you will find useful while selecting the crèche for your baby:
After choosing a crèche for your child, be sure that the child should only be handed over to one person you nominate and on no pretext the child be given to others for outing or going home. Give them your contact numbers and keep their contact numbers and the numbers of their neighborhood always with you so that you can reach them and be reached immediately in case of emergencies. It is always advisable to visit unannounced to check how your child is being taken care of. Check your child's weight gain and physical or mental growth to assess how your child is coping up with the placement at the crèche. If you feel that your child is reluctant or afraid of going to crèche, investigate immediately and never ignore the warning signs.