Learn about breast milk and immunity system, breast milk is safe for children and child's safety and breastfeeding children.

Breast Milk and Immunity System

It has been proved that the breast milk is best for the new born babies. It is not only nutritious for the baby, but also helps protect him/her from almost all the infections, by boosting his/her immunity level. It has been found that no other milk provides as much nutrition and safety for the child as breast milk. Each feeding mother delivers millions of living white blood cells to her baby, helping him/her fight off all kinds of diseases. You will not find these living cells in other milks. The other milks, be it formula or whole, cannot help the baby fight the infections as successfully as mother's milk can.

Immune System Protection
Newborn babies do not have a mature immune system and are often unable to fight disease. They are generally protected by the antibodies that they receive through their mother's breast milk. It has also been seen that bottle-feeding increases the risk of infections in a baby. So, all myths against breastfeeding should be pushed aside and moms should breast feed their baby for better health, good immune system and greater safety.

Prefer Breastfeeding
Some mothers think that, if they breastfeed their babies, their figure will get destroyed. Thus, they chose to bottle-feed rather than indulge in breastfeeding. However, all these talks are just myth and have no truth in them. You can always get back your figure later on, if you are willing to indulge in exercises and workout regularly. Breastfeeding not only makes your baby strong, but also brings him/her much closer to you.

Advantages of Breastfeeding