Know about breastfeeding myths & facts, truths about mother's milk and breast milk truths.

Breastfeeding Myths & Facts

For the first six months of a baby's life, no other food is better for his/her growth and development, other than mother's milk. In fact, majority of the doctors today encourage new mothers to feed their baby with their own milk. So, there is no reason why a mother should hesitate in nursing her baby. Only if she is sick or breast milk is not being produced due to some problem, should the child be put on infant formulas. Breastfeeding ensures better health and growth in babies. All around the world, there are many misconceptions related to mother's milk. In the following lines, we have listed the myths as well as the truths related to breastfeeding and mother's breast milk.

Breastfeeding Myths & Facts

Myth: It is normal for breastfeeding to cause pain.
Fact: Though a mild pain while breastfeeding is okay, but severe pain that lasts beyond 5-6 days needs medical attention.

Myth: There is no (not enough) milk in the mother's breast for the first 3 or 4 days after birth.
Fact: The milk is always enough, but it might be that the baby is not able to latch on the breast properly.

Myth: In hot weather, a breastfed baby needs water additionally.
Fact: Mother's milk contains all the water a baby needs.

Myth: Breastfeeding babies need addtional vitamin D.
Fact: Mother's milk contains all the nutrients that a baby needs.

Myth: A mother needs to wash her nipples before breastfeeding, every time.
Fact: Too frequent washing of nipples robs them of the protective oils and makes breastfeeding a cumbersome process.

Myth: If the baby is suffering from diarrhea or vomiting, the mother should not breastfeed him/her.
Fact: Breast milk is the best medicine for a baby to fight the infection, except for certain exceptional circumstances.

Myth: A mother should not breastfeed if she is taking medicines.
Fact: There are only certain medicines that, if taken by a breastfeeding mother, can adversely affect the baby.

Myth: A pregnant woman should not breastfeed.
Fact: As long as the child and the mother do not have a problem, breastfeeding can continue even after a woman gets pregnant.

Myth: In case of a surgery, a mother should wait for a day before breastfeeding.
Fact: A mother can breastfeed her baby immediately after surgery, if she is up to it, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Myth: A breastfeeding mother should watch her diet carefully.
Fact: All a breastfeeding mother needs to do is eat a balanced diet. She doesn't have to be too obsessive about it or drink loads of milk, to produce milk.

Myth: A breastfeeding mother has to drink lots of fluids.
Fact: The intake of fluids, for a breastfeeding mother, needs to depend on her thirst and preference and not anything else.

Myth: If the baby did not drink mother's milk for a few days, it has become sour and the breastfeeding should be stopped.
Fact: A woman's breast milk remains fresh all the time, whether or not her baby drinks it.

Myth: A mother should not breastfeed after exercising.
Fact: There is no truth in this statement, as a mother's milk does not change in any way after she exercises.