Know about hide & seek for kids, learning with interactive games and how and why to play hide & seek with kids.

Hide & Seek

At about eight months, children start understanding that things and people exist even when they are not in direct line of sight. They may toss a toy on the floor and then stoop down to see where it falls. They take more interest in looking around and trying to find a thing or a person after they have left their place, perhaps just to be hidden from the baby. They start developing object permanence. The downside of this realization is that she may cry for you every time you try to leave the baby but on the upside, you can experiment with many more new games to play with the baby.

Hide & Seek is not only an interactive game but also gives a sense of satisfaction to the child, once she finds what she is looking for. Your baby will also learn in time, where to find certain things and will start observing where a particular things such as a toy or a book is kept. Until your baby can walk or crawl enough to play the game as we know, here are some variations that babies love to play with their parents: