Read about stool soiling in children, encopresis in kids and stools and bowel movement problems in a child.

Stool Soiling in Children

Stool soiling in children is mainly caused by constipation, but might be the result of sickness as well. It can be described as the condition in which a child, who has already been toilet trained, accidentally leaks feces into his/her underwear. Also known as Encopresis, the condition is involuntary and in majority of the cases, the amount of soiling is quite small. The stools are often soft or liquid in form and have a very bad smell leak. The problem can occur from once a day to several times in a day. Children with constipation may have painful bowel movements or incomplete emptying of stool. The stool that is not emptied and is left in the rectum may leak out of the anus and result in stool soiling. Go through the following lines to know more about stools and bowel movement problems in child as well as their solutions.

The main causes behind stool soiling have been listed below.
Treating Encopresis in Kids