Know about treatment of Proteinuria, Orthostatic Proteinuria in children and treating kidney problem in kids.

Treatment of Proteinuria

Normally, there is a small amount of protein present in the urine. However, when the amount of protein present in the urine, rises to higher than normal amounts, the condition is termed as proteinuria. The protein present often, causes the urine to become foamy. Talking about Orthostatic Proteinuria', it is generally a term given to Proteinuria, due to upright position. It usually occurs in older children, because some proteins get into the urine of the child, when he or she is standing up or is in the upright position and is quite active. These children generally have no kidney damage. However, doctor do assess the condition by checking 2 urine samples in separate containers - one collected in the morning just after the child gets up (which normally should have no proteins) and the second collected throughout the day (which can have small amount of proteins). The treatment of proteinuria depends upon the amount of protein excreted and also on the cause of occurrence. Given below are some ways to treat orthostatic Proteinuria.

Treating Orthostatic Proteinuria in Children