Know about preventing burns in kids, tips to prevent child from burning and child safety tips for burns.

Preventing Burns in Kids

Babies have thinner and softer skin and naturally, burns caused by hot liquids and vapor scald them more deeply and at lower temperature. Water with a temperature above 140° Fahrenheit can cause third-degree burns in a baby in just a few seconds. Infants who can crawl and toddlers like to experiment with things and can just twist open a hot tap water in the bathroom or the sink or may fall in a hot water bath tub while trying to touch it. They may even pry open a thermos flask with hot coffee and let the liquid fall on them in the process, causing severe burns.

One has to be careful while drinking or doing anything with hot liquids such as soups and hot tea near a baby or they may just give the vessel a push with their hands or legs. They can also just try to touch the handles of pots and pans; causing them to tip and the hot contents can scald the baby quite seriously. Here are some tips and ideas on how to prevent burns in kids: