Know how to prevent drowning accidents in kids, avoid children drowning in tubs and submersion injuries in children.

Prevent Drowning Accidents in Kids

Since the infants start to sit on their own, as early as when they are 6 to 8 months old, most of the parents and caretakers presume that the little ones could sit in the bathtub as well, without drowning. Contrary to this assumption, studies reveal that the cases of submersion injuries and drowning of infants in bath tubs are increasing day by day. Babies drowned even for a few minutes are often admitted to the hospitals. Little more grown toddlers are also at a risk of injuring themselves seriously, when drowned in water bodies like fish tank, toilet, ponds and swimming pools. The little kids need to be safeguarded whenever they are in contact with a water body, because they are irresistibly attracted to the sparkling water. With the guidelines given in the following lines, you will know how to prevent the kids from drowning.

Avoid Children Drowning

At Home
At Swimming Pool