Know about poisoning in children, preventing poisoning in a child and accidental ingestion of poison by kids.

Poisoning in Children

Toddlers are quite active, curious and fearless explorers in their own right. At their tender age, they learn to use chairs and climb up to reach things that are kept supposedly out of their reach. The highly active toddlers would strive to open the bolted doors, drawers and closets. In the process, they might come across things that seem to attract them, but are hazardous for their health. The little ones are not aware of the health hazards of the harsh chemicals, medicines and paints that they come across.

In a way to 'taste' the new things, such as paints, medicines, they tend to swallow the chemicals. Eventually, they end up in being poisoned due to eating and drinking toxic things that cannot be ingested. This is the case with most of the toddlers, because at their tender age, they cannot understand what is edible and what is not. Therefore, it is the duty of the parents or the caretakers to store 'potential poisons' in such a way that the toddlers never reach them. Learn how to decrease the risk of poisoning in children, by following the tips given below.

Prevent Poisoning In Child