Here are tips on feeding and sleeping and caring for twins or multiples and making them feed and sleep together.

Feeding and Sleeping Twins or Multiples

Choosing to breastfeed your newborn baby is a good decision. However, when it comes to twins or multiples, breastfeeding is not always easy. It might be difficult and frustrating many at times. However, this is something that not only you have to do, but would also love to do for your children. Even pediatricians recommend that for the first few months, infants should only get mother's feed and no external food. One of the main problems that you encounter while feeding twins or multiples is that you tend to get tired in the process. Another problem that you may face is low productivity of milk. Let us know some more on feeding twins or multiples.

Invest In Nursing Pump
Mothers who are worried about producing enough milk for all of their babies can take help of pumping, as it can improve the milk production. It also helps you collect the extra milk and provide a bottle to the babies, if necessary. Using a heavy-duty electric double pump, which will allow expressing milk from both breasts at the same time, can also help the mothers of twins and multiples fulfill the milk requirement of their children. You can either get a pump on rent from a hospital or medical supply company or else buy one.

Relaxing Is Must
Try to relax as much as possible. Keep in mind that feeding your babies is your priority at this time and nothing else matters more than that. Find a place where you can relax yourself. Turn off the phone; don't bother too much about the dishes and the laundry and keep your older children busy with snacks, books, baby dolls or TV. Forget every thing that makes you worried, stressed, uncomfortable or unhappy and just focus on feeding your newly borns. Enjoy being with them: look at them, touch them and sing to them. Rest whenever you can, as even a few minutes of sleep can make you feel refreshed.

Support & Help Of Others
Don't hesitate to accept help from your friends, mother-in-law, neighbors and even your husband or partner. Ask for the co-operation of your family members whenever necessary, as this is the time when you need their support the most. Ask your husband to help you change the diapers and burp the babies after they're fed. You can also have the support of other parents of multiples, as fellow nursing moms can provide you lots of advices in the matter. If you are tired and don't feel like cooking, ask your friend or neighbor to make food for you or ask your husband to get your favorite dish from a restaurant.

Make Twins Sleep Together
It has been suggested by experts that for very young twins, sleeping together in a crib or bassinet may provide them security, which will promote their sleep in return. The twins feel comfortable by having each other so near. This because they become used to each other's presence, after spending nine months in the womb together. They find it soothing to be able to touch each other. Making them sleep in crib, instead of your arms or your own bed, will also help them go back to sleep, in case they wake up after a few minutes only. You can also invent your own ideas to make your twins sleep, depending on the situation and the children.

Take Care Of Yourself
Make sure that you are taking good care of yourself, as these tips won't work without you. Don't neglect yourself while taking care of your babies. Taking care of yourself will ensure that you effectively take care of your babies. Drink plenty of water and eat lot of nutritious food, such as fruits, vegetables, proteins. At this time, you should not worry about you weight and figure, as these problems are very common during pregnancy will get solved after some time. Just enjoy the time with your multiples.