Read about joys of raising twins, baby care for twins or multiples and twins or multiples as toddlers.

Joys of Raising Twins

Parents are obviously the happiest persons when their baby is born. And when you hear the news of having twins, the joy gets doubled. But with happiness, there's a fear along as how would you manage multiples together. With twins you need double of everything, be it training, money or emotional support. At this time, you'll require extra support than just your partner can give. Avoid blaming anyone; you can consider hiring a nurse for some months. If you live in a joint family, ask others to help you out to handle the babies.

For First Few Months They Need Extra Care
You have to be extra-alert regarding their unspoken acts, being new-born. Feeding two babies can be difficult in the start, but gradually you would love all this. Most of the times, twins act together like if one feels hungry, the other will also feel hungry and the result is that their mother has to feed both of them together. If you as mother cannot nurse two babies simultaneously, ask the babysitter to bottle-feed the other child. But keep a track of feeding; don't let anyone deprived of your milk.

Initially, things may appear harder as babies usually get awake at night, making it miserable for the parents to sleep. But patience is the key to handle such situation. In such situation, parents must co-operate each other while nursing multiples together. Changing diapers could be a tough job, so always keep wet wipes and diapers ready. You can get baby gears like double convertible strollers, cribs, nursing pillows, backpack diaper bags, etc, much to your comfort. While doing daily chores, keep them where you can keep a watch.

Be Happy As They Grow Up Together
As they grow, bring them accessories, swings and toys, so that they can play and share the feeling of togetherness. As soon as toddlers grow up, you will find it easier to teach them together than one baby at a time. Be it potty training, dressing up, tying shoes laces or combing own hair, it would be easy to teach them new skills. Being kids of the same age, both of them can entertain each other much better than siblings of different ages. Since they were together in the mother's womb, they naturally talk to each other, share things at their own pace. Such kids themselves know about empathy, compassion and tolerance.

Both being same, you can get different clothes of same sizes so that both of them can share clothes. Likewise, for games and other accessories that children require, you can get one thing if both of them don't use it at the same time.