Read about single moms by choice, choosing to be a single mom and trend of single motherhood.

Single Moms by Choice

Choosing to be a single mom is a very personal and emotional choice. The trend of single motherhood is on the rise. Previously, women used to become single moms only by chance, due to a divorce, death of the spouse, or unplanned pregnancies before marriages. Being a single mother was not an option to choose and was even considered derogatory, in the past. Single mothers who were never married were often ridiculed and socially ostracized. But times have changed now and women are becoming single moms by choice. They adopt babies or may even go for artificial insemination. However even now when a woman decides to become a single mother, her fear of facing the outraged people throwing stones at her often bothers her. Thus, it is very bold decision which needs courage & confidence.

Single Mom By Choice or By Chance
Single motherhood is growing globally. The figures have almost doubled in the past 20 years. The trend started with celebrities and other successful career women proudly deciding to be a single mother without affecting their career. Today, women are as much career oriented as men; they reach their 40s, while pursuing their careers and still prefer to live alone and decide to be the single mom. The situations can be different for single mothers, like women who have never been married; others are divorced, or widowed before becoming mothers. Yet each of them has a characteristic in common and that is the desire to be a mother, and a belief that they can alone do a good job of raising a child. Remember that a good support network such as close friends, babysitters, doctor and family is crucial to the success of single parenting.

Financially Secure Single Moms
Besides money, car, nice clothes and a big house, these career-oriented women also long to have children and a loving family for themselves. Raising children and sharing happiness with them, gives them the sense of satisfaction that only a mom can feel. Singe mothers by choice are financially secure, professional women for whom motherhood is a chosen decision. They can be seen as radical feminists, who want to change the traditional family structure. These are the strong-willed women having enough confidence in them and know that they can take care of their child, or children, alone. They are ready to face the society and any comments that may come their way. Being a single parent, they have to prepare themselves for child's questions at various life stages about father and husband.

Single Moms - Getting Acceptance
People are also accepting the decision to be a single mom now and also offer to help. Government and private employers have also started extending maternity benefits to single moms. They have been provided day-care facilities and tax concessions. Even their work hours can also be minimized, if they demand. As the challenges of raising a kid remains the same as any mother. Only the difference is that they are dealing with them without a partner. This makes few things easier and few things difficult. Thus, if you are deciding to be a single mom, you must be prepared for it as it's not only you who would be affected by this decision, but it can also affect your baby. So if you have moved ahead with your decision of raising a baby alone, don't worry and be positive regarding the upbringing of your child.