Understand the concept of total parent, a positive single parenting style and joys of single parenting.

Total Parent - Other Name to Single Parenting

There is a saying, which goes - It takes a village to raise the child. So true. Bringing up a child is a challenge at almost every step. While the first six months are naturally the most difficult ones, it takes all the time, energy and patience you need to teach so many things to a toddler, handling the rage of a teenager and learning that your child has finally grown up and is a young adult now, especially for a single parent. You need to adjust to all the challenges in the life, with a smiling face.

Being a single parent, does not only mean that you have accepted to raise your child single-handedly but also to miss out on many opportunities to live with a loving partner in the life and just go away for a romantic vacation. However, on a more positive note, single parenting is an opportunity to be a total parent for your child. Normally, in traditional two-parent families, Moms and Dads split up chores and responsibilities and stick to their areas of child�s life. They just cross the boundaries, when the other person is not there or busy in something else. Thus, both of them miss out on some significant aspects of their children.

Single parents on the other hand know everything about their children and become an all-rounder. They tend to become totally dedicated and committed to their children. It may be harder for them to cope up but then they are also the �special� parents who can do anything they want for their children and take all the decisions about how to raise them and what is good or bad for them, without having to fight it out with their partner. So next time, someone refers to single parenting as a cruel play of destiny, tell them that perhaps they don�t know what they are talking about and the blessings of being a total parent.