Know about handling questions about missing parent, answers to missing mom ot dad questions and explaining children about single familes.

Handling Questions about Missing Parent

As children grow older, they begin to notice other families and there is a �missing� parent in their family. This is the time when questions about �mommy� or �daddy� who is not there, crop up and children start asking questions that may become difficult for the parents to answer. Children start wondering whether the parent who abandoned the family, didn�t liked the child enough to stay or want to meet him or her. The thumb rule is to first review your answer and see whether you real feel comfortable with it and can convince yourself with it. If you can, it is most likely to convince your child too.

There can be many reasons for how people become single parents. There may be separation, abandonment, divorce, death of the spouse or pregnancy and birth of the child just after a brief fling that may lead to single parent families. Women may choose to start their own families as single moms through anonymous donor insemination while mom or dad may want to be a single parent and nurture a child on their own and adopt children. Thus, there can be no readymade answers that can fit all these cases. However, if you have come to terms with being the head and tail of your family, then your children will also happily accept any explanations you give. Here are some tips you can use: