Read about successful single mom sons and celebrity boys raised without daddy who have busted myths about fatherless boys.

Fatherless Boys - Breaking the Myths

Raising boys without Daddy has always been considered very difficult. Traditionally, people think that women are not fully qualified to give their sons the all-round upbringing that they need and once they have to face the world, they prove to be failures. According to the myths, fatherless children, especially boys, do not perform well on school grades or in games and their future is doomed. With the rise of unconventional families, single mom families are not so uncommon and we need to break these myths and negativity in perception of people from traditional two-parent homes. In this article, we are mentioning fatherless sons, who grew up to be quite successful men and became celebrities in their own right:
Apart from divorce and move, Tom and his sisters also had to deal with dyslexia. Cruise had difficulty in making new friends and attended special remedial classes. He became more and more involved with sports and remembered feeling vulnerable because of the divorce of his parents and learning disabilities. He felt a desperate need to belong but could not find courage to make new friends and acquaintances in Louisville. At 14, he thought that a structured environment at a seminary may help him and thought of becoming a priest. He enrolled at a Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati but later dropped the idea.